Excise Board

The duty of the Excise Board is to act as oversight for adequate and accurate reporting of County finances and expenditures for all budget and supplemental purposes, charged with the duty of requiring adequate provision for performance of mandatory constitutional and statutory governmental functions within the means available in accordance with 68 O.S. 3006.

The Excise Board is comprised of three members, one representing each district of the county.

The Excise Board also acts as the Board of Equalization.

Excise Board Members                                                 Kenny Davis - Chairman                                              Representing District #1                                                Appointed by District Judge

Brian Sterkel                                                                  Representing District #2                                                Appointed by State Senator through Oklahoma Tax Commission

Chris Evans                                                                   Representing District #3                                               Appointed by Board of County Commissioners


  • 8 a.m. on the first Tuesday of each month
  • Conference Room
    Courthouse Annex
    312 E Harrison
    Guthrie, OK 73044