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Logan County Budget Information

Logan County Budget Information - Fiscal Year 2013 - 2014 

Click HERE to download the Logan County Budget FY 2013-2014. For a complete detailed version please contact the County Clerk’s Office.

Distribution of Highway Funds

Each month you will find posted on this site a Distribution of Highway Funds Form, issued to the County Commissioners, indicating the amount of money each district will receive for road maintenance.

Highway Funds, or road maintenance monies, are derived from fuel tax, motor vehicle collections and gross production tax. This tax is collected by the Oklahoma Tax Commission and distributed monthly to Oklahoma’s 77 counties, based on a complex formula approved years ago by the state legislature. For access to this formula, go to:

Road Formula 1
Road Formula 2
Road Formula 3
Road Formula 4

Ad valorem, or property tax collections, do not fund road improvements or pay for road maintenance. The majority of property tax is used to fund public education. The exact breakdown of where your property tax goes can be found on your annual tax statement. The portion of property tax which the County receives provides funding for the County Health Department, courthouse utilities and upkeep, supplies for the jail and salaries for elected officials.

In Logan County, Highway Funds are now divided equally among the three County Commission Districts, as is done in 66 of Oklahoma’s 77 counties. However, each commissioner has jurisdiction over how funds are spent within his district. The majority of each month’s Highway Fund is used to pay for equipment, personal services and maintenance and operations.

The list below provides a breakdown of how money is spent within each of the three Districts.

Should you have questions regarding information presented here or about county government in general, you are welcome to contact Commissioner Mark Sharpton, Chairman, Logan County Board of Commissioners, at 282-3581, or email marksharpton@sbcglobal.net.


Distribution of Highway Funds

February 17, 2012
Distribution of Highway Funds - February 2012
To view Highway Funds for February of 2012, click HERE.

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