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March 22, 2011
Maintenance & Operations February 2011
 Maintenance & Operations February 2011
For the month of February, District 3 received only $7273.67 into it's M & O account. This money is used for repair and upkeep of your roads as well as fuel, parts and any expense encurred in daily operations. The amount of money we receive has dropped drastically.

District 1 received $10,748.68 and District 2 received $9.873.68.

January 27, 2011
Bridge Rebuild
Logan County will be going out for bids soon for the rebuilding of 3 bridges. Two are located in District 3 and one in District 1. Two are located on Industrial and one on MacArthur.

January 27, 2011
Paving on N Santa Fe
Paving on the first mile of N Santa Fe off of St Hwy 33 has been completed and work on the second mile is set to begin in June or July of 2011. This project has been funded by two separate REAP (Rural Economic Action Plan) Grants received by Logan County District 3.

January 27, 2011
Swearing In Ceremony
On January 3, 2011, Logan County held it's swearing in ceremony at the Logan County Courthouse.
The following three officers were sworn in by the Honorable Luke Duel for a four year term.

District 1- Mark Sharpton (reelected)
District 3- Monty Piearcy (reelected)
Assessor- Tisha Hampton (newly elected)

September 29, 2009
Wolf Creek Bridge Project
Work on the Wolf Creek bridge, located on West County Road 71, is set to begin mid November of 2009. This project is being funded on a 80/20 split with the Federal Government paying 80% while the county pays 20%. The total cost on this project is $434,641.00 with the county's portion being $86,928.20. This money will come out of the CBRI (County Bridge and Road Improvement) account. The bid for this project was awarded to Sewell Bros. Construction.

March 13, 2009
Division of funds for March

District 3 has received $8,188.34 for the month of March. This money is used for maintenance and daily operations for the entire district. It breaks down to $14.64 per mile.

District 1 received $14,638.34 for a breakdown of $53.23 per mile.

District 2 received $19,438.34 for a breakdown of $52.53 per mile.

March 5, 2009
Division of funds between districts

Logan County District 3 Commissioner Monty Piearcy would lilke to inform the residents of his district of the passing of a resolution that has changed the way the funds received to maintain your roads and bridges is divided between districts.

Previously, the funds were divided according to the number of miles of roads that each district had.

On January 20, 2009, at the Board of County Commissioners meeting, a resolution was passed (two votes to one) to now divide the funds evenly, three ways. (33 1/3 to each district).

As you will see below the way the funds were divided previously worked out very fairly. However, with the new resolution passed, our dollars per mile to maintain District 3's roads has been cut drastically while the other districts will increase greatly.

We thought it was necessary to inform you, the residents of District 3, of this drastic reduction in funds. Commissioner Piearcy fought hard to keep this from happening. He was, of course, outvoted two to one by Commissioner Mark Sharpton and Commissioner Mike Pearson. They justified this by saying the funds should be divided based on the population in each district.  Our argument to this is that we maintain roads and bridges, not the population. This argument was to no avail.

Commissioner Pieacy wishes to let all residents of District 3 how much he appreciates the support he received during this time. Several of our residents came to the meeting, prior to the January 20th meeting, to voice their concerns. It is nice to have support like this from the community.

We will continue to maintain your roads to the best of our ability and hope that the reduction of funds will not affect us too dramatically.

Please, see below, as we have broken the numbers down for you from an average month.


District 1--275 miles         District 2--370 miles          District 3--559 miles

We also, in District 3, have more bridges than the other two districts combined.


District 1--37 bridges        District 2--77 bridges          District 3--116 bridges

As you can see, the amount of miles and bridges is extremely disproportionate. With the funds being split evenly between districts, it is plain to see that the amount of money we have to maintain your roads and bridges has been drastically cut.


District 1 received--$91.45 per mile

District 2 received--$95.52 per mile

District 3 received--$93.15 per mile

CURRENTLY, the funds being split evenly between districts changes the dollar amount to the following:

District 1 receives--$147.26 per mile

District 2 receives--$110.80 per mile

District 3 receives--$60.94 per mile


March 5, 2009
West County Road 76 project

Recently, Logan County District 3 completed the application of a 2 1/2" asphalt overlay to a 1/2 mile stretch of West County Road 76. This project was funded by a Rural Economic Action Plan Grant in the amount of $46,000.00




March 5, 2009
Illegal Dump Rolloff Program

Recently, District 3 used funds received from the Illegal Dump Rolloff Program to clean up an illegal dumpsite in North Logan County. Several dumpsters were brought to the site. As you can see in the photos above, this was quite a project. The photos below show the site after the cleanup was completed. We remind everyone that the fine for illegal dumping is $1000.00








Below are pictures of the recently completed Beaver Creek Bridge.
The bridge which is in North Logan County was completed in May, 2009.

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