In June 2018, Oklahoma voters approved State Question 788 to legalize medical marijuana. Since then the state has issued thousands of licenses for growers, processors and dispensaries. Each business is required by statute to list their assets for taxation. (OS68 Sec. 2832 & 2804)

Periodically, the Oklahoma Tax Commission provides the county assessor an updated list of medical marijuana license holders in Logan County so each new business can be placed on the tax roll.

In January, all known businesses will be mailed a form called OTC 901 Business Personal Property Rendition. This form is used annually to report inventories and fixed assets. It must be completed and returned by March 15 of each year in order to avoid a tax penalty. If Form 901 is not returned to the Assessor’s office, statute instructs the assessor or Board of Equalization to assign a value.

If you receive Form 901 and have questions about how to complete it, please call the Assessor’s office at 405.282.3509 and we will be happy to assist you.



On May 2, 1890, Congress passed the Organic Act, officially creating Oklahoma Territory. Section six of the Organic Act states that all property must be taxed in proportion to its value, which is the meaning of ad valorem, a Latin phrase meaning "according to value."

Fair & Equitable

As your Logan County Assessor, I am committed to fulfilling that legal obligation in a fair and equitable manner.

As I campaigned for office, I talked to hundreds of Logan County residents and took careful note of their concerns. I continue to keep these concerns in mind as I conduct the property review process and work to ensure that your property is assessed fairly.

More Information

It was my intent then and is now, to maintain an open door policy. Please feel free to contact my office whenever you have a question or concern.

And thank you for providing me the opportunity to serve as your county assessor.

~Tisha Hampton, Logan County Assessor