Free Fair Board

The Logan County Free Fair Board is comprised of nine members, three members from each Commissioner’s District, who serve a three year term.   Elections for Free Fair Board members are held each February for one representative from each district.

The Fair Board oversees the operation of the Logan County Fairgrounds, including the renting of the facilities.

The Fair Board also conducts the annual Logan County Fair and Spring Livestock Show.

Fair Board Members:

District #1

            Marjorie Throckmorton Term expires    2022

            Brooke Fields               Term expires    2023

            Willie Adams                 Term expires    2024


District #2

            Mark Maker                 Term expires   2022

            Dennis Ochs                Term expires   2023

             Ira Barrow                   Term expires   2021


District #3

             Amanda Bell                Term expires   2022

            Grant James                 Term expires   2023

             Roland Taylor               Term expires   2024